Advantages of Buying Loose Diamonds

Diamond Purchasing Tips

Diamonds are among the most valued and admired stones in the world. People often choose diamonds as a gift option for their loved ones. Diamonds are also a great investment idea. However, buying a diamond can be really expensive, especially if you choose to buy diamond jewelry. A diamond ring or any other jewelry will have additional costs like making charges, cost of the metal etc. Therefore, if you are looking to save money on your diamond purchase, it is a good idea for you to buy loose diamonds from sellers like Rockher, instead of buying diamond jewelry.

The trend of buying loose diamonds is increasing as it makes a cost-effective way to buy diamonds. People who are buying diamonds as an investment mostly prefer to buy loose diamonds as it can be traded easily and can be mounted on jewelry later if needed. Therefore, if you are planning to buy diamonds, you can consider checking out this option. Search for loose diamonds wholesale to get good diamond for a lower price.

Loose Diamonds Wholesale

Buying wholesale diamonds is a great option, as it will help you to save a considerable amount of money on your diamond purchase. However, many sellers who use the wholesale label are not really wholesalers. Therefore, you should be able to differentiate between wholesale and retail diamonds, as this knowledge will have a significant impact on the money you spend.

The term “wholesale” is used to represent a purchase when the trader purchases large or bulk orders directly from the manufacturers of a product, in which they will be able to negotiate a considerably lower price than the amount that the end customer will pay for the product.

When it comes to diamond business, wholesale means the purchase of diamonds by the trader from the cutter. These diamonds will be then sold to the end customer by the trader for a higher price than they bought it for. It implies that you will have to spend more for a stone if you buy it from a retailer than from a wholesaler.

Advantages of Buying Loose Diamonds

Now that you know the difference between wholesale and retail diamonds, let’s consider the advantages of buying loose diamonds. Following are some of the benefits of purchasing loose diamonds wholesale:

Plenty of Options

When you purchase loose diamonds, you will be able to find diamonds that are different in size, color, shape and clarity. You can choose diamonds that perfectly fit your requirements.

Complete Inspection of the Diamond is Possible

After a diamond is mounted in jewelry, it is not possible to closely examine its features like quality, cut on every facet etc. But if you buy a loose diamond, it is possible to conduct a thorough inspection of the stone to assess its characteristics.

Possible to Create your Own Designs

When you buy a diamond ring or any other jewelry for your loved ones, sometimes they might not like the design. This problem can be avoided by buying loose diamonds. You can create your own design and ask a jeweler to create the jewelry for you. This will help you to create personalized designs with your diamond.

Specific Products

When purchasing loose diamonds you can be more particular about the product. It will be able to choose stones that will perfectly match your specific needs. This freedom will be seldom available for you if you buy mounted jewelry. Therefore, many people choose to buy loose diamonds instead of mounted jewelry.


As mentioned earlier, purchasing loose diamonds wholesale is very cost-effective than buying mounted jewelry. You can get stones that match your requirements for a significantly less amount.

How to Choose a Reliable Wholesale Diamond Seller?

When you buy loose diamonds wholesale it is important to choose a reliable seller to get high-quality diamonds for the best price. If the seller is not reliable the amount you spend will be in vain. Therefore, we suggest a checklist including the characteristics that you should search for in a reputed diamond seller:

  • Check whether they are GIA certified
  • Find if they have any exchange or return policy
  • Consider their years of expertise in this field.
  • Check if they are doing business with famous diamond brands.
  • Make sure that they deliver stones directly from the cutters without a mediator or middleman.

If the wholesaler has the above-mentioned qualities you can be assured about their reputation. They will sell you diamonds with superior quality at the maximum lowest rates possible.

Setting your Diamond in a Jewelry

If you have a design in mind, you can go to a jeweler to create the design for you using your diamond. If you have no idea about creating a design, then you can ask the assistance of the jeweler to select a design which will match your diamond. There are also many online tools that will help you to select a design for your jewelry that matches your stone. You can also consult a designer who will create stunning jewelry designs for your stone.

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