How To Cure Coronavirus In Babies

With coronavirus spreading very quickly around the world, much concern is on the safety of families, especially kids. This concern is evident in the questions people ask online. Some want to know whether it is possible to cure novel coronavirus in kids. Unfortunately, no specific drug is prescribed for coronavirus as yet. However, you can still do some things to protect your family from coronavirus. As the proverb goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Protective Measures Against Coronavirus

  • Wash the hands regularly using water and soap or hand sanitizer, whichever is available to you. If you are using the sanitizer, be sure that it has at least 60% alcohol content. At least that much alcohol should be there in the product for it to be effective. We presume you have already seen videos or an infographic showing how to wash hands as a coronavirus countermeasure. If you have not yet viewed it, do search for the instructions on Google to confirm that you are doing the hygienic measure properly.
  • Keep as much distance away from other individuals as you can. Do it even if that means to stay at home as long as possible. Social distancing is the best way to tackle coronavirus.
  • Tell children to sneeze and cough into a disposable tissue. Confirm that they are throwing it away when they use it once. If the tissue is not there for kids to use, then tell them to do it into their upper sleeve. Make sure that they are not sneezing or coughing into the hands.
  • Sanitize your house with standard cleaning wipes or sprays.
  • Clean plush toys as per their producers’ instructions using the warmest possible water and let these sit to dry fully.
  • Tell kids to not touch the face. This is perhaps the toughest thing to do because we have made a habit of touching our face. So, to not do it all of a sudden may be difficult, especially for kids. This is where a coronavirus face mask comes in handy. Experts say that a coronavirus protective mask will possibly make the wearer conscious of not touching the face.
  • Try not to go to infected places. Try to avoid any kind of traveling, especially through public transport.
  • Act as per state and local guidance regarding travel limitations.

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