Things To Notice When Ordering Liquor Online

Several people are excited about buying from their nearby liquor shop, but others are looking at ecommerce websites as the best place to shop liquor. This is because the coronavirus pandemic continues to make us do everything possible to keep a social distance. So it is now wise to choose an online store over its offline counterpart. That said, there are some things for you to keep in mind when you buy alcohol online. Read ahead to know.

Delivery Time

It will take some days for any online order to reach your house. This is usually because of factors like location, and the amount of time it takes for web stores to process every single order. Usually, a good vendor should deliver it in 1 to 3 days, so check the pace of their delivery.

Website Credibility

With a spike in the interest for online-based alcohol delivery, there will likely be some scammers that try to deceive you by pretending to be a liquor store. Here are some ways to confirm that you are buying from a legitimate website.

  1. Seek recommendations from friends;
  2. Bookmark the website that most of them recommend buying from; and,
  3. Open it through the bookmarked link.


The rates of most products are lower online as compared to physical stores, but this is not quite the case with liquor. The rates of liquor online are comparable to offline prices. Be wary of the rates when buying through a third-party mobile application, though. Some have a service charge for retailers to be on their third-party apps, plus they charge customers for the product delivery service. So you might end up paying more when buying through these apps. To ensure this does not happen, just check the offline rate and the corresponding price of liquor online.

Payment Safety

This will not matter much in the event of choosing cash on delivery as your payment method. If you are paying in advance with your card or digital wallet, just be sure to do the following things.

  1. Just check whether it is an encrypted or secured website. This kind of website will have a padlock sign where you enter its URL. You must do any commercial transaction on an HTTPs website. Only it will keep your sensitive information safe by stopping a third-party from accessing it.
  2. Utilize a strong password to sign in to the site. The password should contain upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

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