What To Look For In A Video Conferencing Solution

You must be aware of your requirements before selecting a video conferencing solution. For instance, a big organization might have to include numerous users simultaneously, whereas a smaller one might need just face-to-face video conferences. The following are some of the things to consider when seeking a video conferencing service.

Number Of Possible Attendees

Think about how many individuals will possibly attend your video conferences on a regular basis. Since it is possible to connect with some individuals for free through certain services, when you do not have to conference with many, you might wish to select it. With other solutions, however, you will be capable of connecting with numerous people.

Video Feeds

Many vendors claim that their solutions enable hosting hundreds of individuals simultaneously, but they usually restrict the video stream count. However, there are video conferencing solution providers that do not limit it. Determining whether or how the solution restricts streams before purchasing it will be useful to your business. You also have to confirm that the picture quality is first-rate. Some solutions provide High Definition video.


When a bad user interface hinders your conference, you would begin presentations with important attendees not seeing what is happening in it or not being able to connect. So, confirm that you avoid this in your business conference by choosing a quality service.

Kinds Of Meeting

With certain premium solutions, different rooms can be launched according to the form of meeting you will host. Will you hold open-forum question and answer sessions where everyone can provide feedback? Do you want the audience to be quiet when presenting something through Powerpoint or a similar program? Know which forms of conferences you will usually hold; in the event you will host various ones, seek a solution accommodating all your requirements.

Room Systems

You might wish to have a conference room established so that it can be employed especially for conferencing. Verify whether the conferencing service has the capability to set up that room for you and equip it with all the required equipment. If they cannot, you might have to work with a different vendor that equips conference rooms with the right A/V equipment. So, ask the conferencing solutions provider whether they can give all necessary hardware at an additional cost.

For your information, Handsome Group can equip your room with many things such as projectors, laptops, screens, touch-panel controls and more.

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