Everything You Need to Know About Loose Blue Diamonds

Loose Diamonds
Loose Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are considered to be one of the most valuable types of diamonds out of all the colored diamonds. Blue diamonds are very rare just like red, pink and violet diamonds. Even though all blue diamonds are rare, the deepest blue diamonds are the rarest among them, because of its high color intensity. Larger loose diamonds are harder to find, therefore its value goes up with its size.

The Cause of Color of Blue Diamonds

It is very shocking to find that blue diamonds are not manmade, but are created in nature itself. Blue diamonds are elements of carbons that are fused during intense temperature and pressure over millions of years. The element called Boron is the major cause of the blue color of diamonds whereas nitrogen plays a part in determining the intensity of the blue color. The tone of the stone will be richer while mixing with high levels of Boron if the amount of nitrogen is less during the process of formation of the diamond. Even though blue diamonds are obtained with their color most naturally, the cutting and polishing of the diamond while preparing the diamond for jewelry can affect the color of the stone.

Popular Pieces of Jewelry Made Out of Blue Diamonds

Pieces of jewelry that are made out of blue diamond such as engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, etc are some of the most popular choices in the market. The rarity of blue diamond has made its value rise high making these options a bit pricey. But blue diamonds are more valuable than other diamonds and its value is determined by factors like color, cut, intensity and cut.

Natural v/s Lab-made Diamonds

Even though blue diamond can be found from nature naturally, they can also be produced synthetically in a lab. The major difference between natural and synthetic diamonds is their color. Artificially made blue diamonds are white diamonds that are treated under heat. For the same reason, they are not truly blue diamonds. They also have a noticeably different color tone than the blue diamonds that are naturally obtained from nature. These differences can point out a fake blue diamond to a diamond professional. Blue diamonds can be seen in violet-blue, greenish-blue, and grayish blue, but the deep-colored blue diamonds are the most richest and valuable because of its rarity.

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