The Rich Legacy of Diamonds

Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds
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Diamonds are made expensive to make them feel restrictive and to highlight them as a status symbol. If everybody could buy them, diamonds would surely lose some of their charm. Below is a discussion on the loose diamonds and their rich legacy.

The world looks in awe as the movie stars walk the celebrity lane. They are usually acquire and wear precious loose diamond jewelry pieces. As people see them on camera wearing a huge ring, they believe that is what success looks like. At the end of the show, the majority of the big names return the jewelry they obtained for the evening. This is a splendid way of advertising.

Messages about the meaning of diamonds, flashes everywhere in the media. Unconsciously people end up yearning to wear diamonds that are given certain special characteristics through effective marketing.

The majority of the social and enthusiastic molding took a long time and a huge load of cash to achieve. The pictures of eliteness and benefit are something the business needs to secure because it leads individuals to desire diamonds strongly. The whole plot is dependent on profit and creating the elite feeling.

If you think about it, you might wonder why the rivalry has not driven down diamond costs after some time as new mining organizations enter the market and look to compete with different producers

Supply has been deliberately controlled in a few distinct ways:

  1. Price and supply arrangement has kept costs high
  2. Diamond mine possession is concentrated with a few powerful forces
  3. Controlled preparation and distribution

Earth-mined diamonds usually cost a minimum of double the expense of man-made diamonds. They could still be sold for costs lesser than that of man-made diamonds if the business wants to compete depending on price.

Nevertheless, before you warn yourself from being tricked by impressive marketing strategies, realize that diamonds have always enjoyed a high value among people. Ancient Greeks were devoted to these indestructible stones and believed that it possessed mystical powers. For quite a long time, aristocrats and royalty have used diamonds as a symbol of their status. Furthermore, the use of diamond engagement rings can be tracked to 1477 when the Austrian Archduke Maximilian presented Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring proposal.

The present enthusiasm is not a new sensation. They have always had a high value, yet some of the above reasons led to their constant asking rates.

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